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"We came to CLAM for the first time in April 2008, just days after we arrived in Montreal. Since then, we have relied on his team in many aspects of our process of integrating and consolidating our lives in Canada. The CLAM was a place of learning (French part-time), support (preparation of CV, job search, tax return), training (history of Quebec, conferences) and reunion (Saturday in family , Christmas party) for all members of our little family, which has allowed us to establish a solid foundation in our lives in Canada. We found friendships that lasted all the time and even the distance ... The accompaniment of CLAM was also important for us in our professional career. Thus, the initiative concerning the engineering club was one of the echelons that supported us in our decision to follow the steps to have our diploma recognized by the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec - OIQ. Now, my spouse and I have become members of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec and we work in our areas of expertise in the petrochemicals and public sectors, respectively. One page is not enough to describe the impact that this organization has had on our journey in Canada, but certainly, it is a gateway large enough to mention our gratitude to this whole CLAM team who we consider a blessing. A team that has given us support in our efforts, who makes his best efforts in each of the activities it organizes and who gave us the opportunity to establish friendships by making us feel that after all , the family is not so far away. Thank you Elisabeth, as well as the whole team for opening the door of CLAM and for continuing to receive us with a big smile every time you or we, find a new excuse to share time together ... thank you for welcoming us as members of your big family. "

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