Originally known as the Latin American Crossroads of Montreal, CLAM was founded in 1981 by Father Marcel Quirion, missionary of the Oblate Catholic Congregation. Having spent nearly 30 years in Latin America, returning to Montreal in the 1980s, he felt challenged by the challenges and issues related to the integration of newcomers of Latin American origin. In the early 1980s, Quebec began to host immigrants from Central America.


Familiar with Latin American culture, Father Quirion decided to put his talents, dedication, energy and knowledge at the service of the general interest by setting up this organization whose primary mandate is to welcome newcomers in Montreal, originally from Latin America.


CLAM, like Montreal's Latin American Crossroads, will become, after a few years, a reference organization that is among the first to offer services to these newcomers.


This recognition allows the Carrefour Latin American of Montreal to obtain public resources from different ministries to provide services and support new Latin American immigrants in their integration process.


At the end of the 1990s, the number of immigrants increased considerably and the diversity of their origins too. Community centers such as Montreal's Latin American Crossroads are becoming more popular and popular. Institutional thinking is initiated with public authorities. Reflection that encourages organizations to overcome the divisions of belonging or identification to specific communities and to open to all newcomers that Quebec welcomes.


It is on this basis that the Latin American Crossroads of Montreal becomes the Crossroad of Liaison and Multiethnic Assistance (CLAM) and is transformed into a host organization for newcomers and immigrants of all origins who settle in Quebec. CLAM becomes a host organization, but also a frontline organization.


More than 2,000 customers received each year.


From the five continents. More than 5,000 meetings each year.


More than 15,000 interventions in such diverse fields as: Translation of documents; housing search; sponsorship; Oaths; French lessons; job Research; administrative writing; business placement; entrepreneurship, etc.


In more than 30 years of existence, CLAM has assisted more than 50,000 immigrants in all phases of their integration process, whether for:

- looking for a job;

- the search for a home;

- learning French;

- seeking training to find a place in the labor market;

- family reunification;

- the sponsorship of a loved one;

- the launch of business.


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